Embedding Widgets
Many digital objects create executable code can be used to embed widgets in wiki pages. These widgets can add more function, interactivity, and attractiveness to your wikis. Look around this wiki for examples of the range of possibilities. Click on the links below to find more examples.

How to embed: As you create or find objects on the Internet that you want to use in your wiki, copy their embeddable code onto your clipboard. Then, click on Edit Toolbar > Widgets > Other HTML (or other appropriate link). Paste the code > Save on the Edit Toolbar > Save the page

Embed #1: Book Sharing widgets, Google customized searches, Google translations
Embed #2: Google Forms
Embed #3: Presentations - Slideshare, Scribd, Google Presentations, Vuvox, Prezi
Embed #4: Images - Link to URLs, slideshows, QR codes, word clouds
Embed #5: Glogster
Embed #6: Sharing Ideas: Titan Pad, Wallwisher
Embed #7: VoiceThread, Audioboo for podcasting, Voki
Embed #8: Calendars
Embed #9: Maps
Exit Survey: Survey Monkey

Practice Embedding With These Codes